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Sustainable Event Alliance

Since 2009 we've been bringing people together who are passionate and dedicated to producing events sustainably and using the power of events for good. 

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Be part of a global community of event professionals using their events for good.

Join in our global discussion and peer-support through our Slack workspace and Facebook groups. Meet other members online and in person at industry events. Access our solutions and supplier database and sign up for online training or one-on-one coaching with experts.

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We are a professional guild of event sustainability practitioners, specialists and experts, events, organisations and solutions providers, working together to raise the positive impact of our events. 

Through the Sustainable Event Alliance you can find the support and sounding-board you need alongside others who are all committed to harnessing the powerful opportunity we have in our hands.

Together we can ensure a sustainable and restorative approach to living in this world, celebrated and accelerated through our events.

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We have you covered.

We know your time is precious and you want to be in safe hands!

Get sustainable-event-ready

Build your skills

Through our guides and resources, case studies, online training, and member networking, you can grow your knowledge and skills, fast.

 Apart from our resources on this website, we have self-paced online training, discounted for members. Sustainable Event Management: A Practical Course, and our ISO 20121 Implementation and Auditing courses are available now. Find out more

Get accredited

When you're ready, take the event sustainability competency assessment and be accredited for your skills.

Events professionals working in general roles in the industry become accredited an Event Sustainability Practitioner. Or if you're already a specialist, get peer reviewed and accredited as an Event Sustainability Specialist, or even awarded an industry-recognised Expert.

It's all happening so fast!

The 'sustainable event' movement has had a massive upswing in interest recently, with 2018 the year of plastic and 2019 the year of climate change - this has sparked an awakening in the events sector too!

All of a sudden sustainability in events is being noticed. Everyone needs it now...

Welcome to the party!

Fast-track to the doing....

Supplier database

We know you are keen to just get going and want to connect with the coaches, suppliers, contractors and solutions providers that can help you. 

We work hard to keep our supplier database full of trusted products, contractors and services from every corner of the earth. Every listing has been recommended by a member or industry representative and reviewed by our Leadership Team. Members access the database here.


There's basically no new problem and everything you come up against, we can pretty much guarantee someone else has already tried to tackle. 

We encourage all members to put forward their case studies, how-to guides, blooper reels, investigations, solutions, struggles and successes. We catalogue these in our solutions database, so you can learn from others before you go ahead and make their mistakes again! We've also created some basic how-to guides to get you started. Member's access here.

ISO 20121?

More event's organisations are implementing strategic and systematic approaches to their sustainability management. Implementing ISO 20121 is a good place to start.

We provide independent assessment

ISO 20121 Conformity Assessment

The Sustainable Event Alliance can provide an independent assessment of your ISO 20121 implementation - as a 'Second Party' audit. 

Where we differ from third party auditing is that our assessments are done by event sustainability experts who have deep knowledge in sustainable event management and implementing ISO 20121 - and who have been trained in auditing, rather than auditors with little knowledge in the events sector or sustainable event management. We speak your language. Find out more


Global ISO 20121 Register

The Sustainable Event Alliance runs the Global ISO 20121 Registry listing those organisations, events and venues achieving conformity to ISO 20121. 

The register allows those that have undertaken a conformity assessment to log their details including scope of management system, date, audit level achieved, auditing body competency, and to upload a case study or other information to share with industry peers. View the register

The Sustainable Event Alliance is a professional guild for event sustainability practitioners, specialists and experts.

Our supplier and solutions databases help you fast track your event towards being clean, green, zero-waste, fair, friendly, and climate responsible.

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