Azavista Virtual Solutions

The Azavista All-in-One Event Management platform offers two ways of moving your events virtual.

We have our own, native web-based application with end-to-end encrypted two-way video stream, with integrated engagement functionalities for online conferencing and webinars. On the other hand, we also offer seamless integrations with your third-party conferencing platform of choice such as WebEx, Zoom, BlueJeans.

With our powerful tool stack, event planners can work on their entire online event process in one single place, from the promotion to the execution and the management. At the same time, they have the option to utilize our Engagement App, which ensures attendees’ are interacting through features like networking, instant meetings, surveys, quizzes, or polls. Plus, our solution allows event planners to have all their valuable delegates- and attendee data consolidated in our secured Azavista Event CRM!