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(Building Research Establishment Environmental Assessment Method)

BREEAM is a tool which measures the sustainability of non domestic buildings including hotels and other event venues, and is known to set standards for best practice in sustainable building design, construction and operation. This building certification sets recognised measures of performance against established sustainability benchmarks such as energy and water use, internal health and wellbeing, transport, materials, pollution, ecology and management processes.

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This internationally recognised green building certification scheme provides a framework for implementing measurable green building practices in the life cycle of a building, from design and construction to operations and maintenance. Originally developed by the US Green Building Council in 2000, the certification is now being awarded to buildings globally.




NABERS – National Australian Built Environment Rating System – is a national initiative managed by the Department of Environment and Climate Change and Water. It is a performance-based rating system measuring the environmental sustainability of building designs and how well operational impacts on the environment are managed. NABERS measures the energy and water consumption of hotels and rates their efficiency on a scale on one to five stars, with one being the lowest and five being best practice. Two and a half stars is the current market average.
Visit the NABERS website for more information about the rating system.