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Organic Farmers & Growers

Organic Farmers & Growers

Organic Farmers & Growers (OF&G) is a leading UK organic control body with a reputation for practical, efficient and friendly service.
Talk to us about the inspection and licensing of organic food processing,farmingbody care products and other organic enterprises, as well as certification of anaerobic digestion outputs to PAS 110 and the Quality Digestate Protocol and composting certification to PAS 100 and the Compost Quality Protocol.
OF&G offers the opportunity to combine organic inspections with other key certification programmes, including BRC, FABBL, FABBL Crop, Assured Produce, Assured British Pigs, etc. (now with a discount available for joint Organic/BRC inspections).

Organic Food Federation

Organic Food Federation

The Organic Food Federation was established in 1986 and is now one of the UK’s leading certification bodies operating nationally in all areas of organics.
The Federation (operating under the code UK4) provides a professional and personal service to a wide range of registrants.
We are UKAS accredited to EN45011.
Through our partners we are also able to offer BRC certification.
We are also authorised to carry out NOP (National Organic Program) audits to the requirements of the United States Department of Agriculture and private standard audits as required.
Our inspectors are highly qualified within their field and are all licensed by Defra.
All sectors of organic activity from across the UK and EU benefit from our inspection and certification service enabling trade without barrier.

Red Tractor


Red Tractor Assurance exists to maintain, develop and promote standards throughout the whole food industry.

1. Food Safety

Hygiene’s important at home, so why shouldn’t it be for farmers and food companies too? Our food safety standards ensure cleanliness and hygiene all the way from the farms to  pack.

2. Animal Welfare                                                                                                     

When you choose Red Tractor, you’re choosing high animal welfare standards. Our veterinary and food industry experts are constantly refining these standards to promote the health and welfare of animals in farming.

3. Protecting the Environment

Farmers look after around 75% of the land area of the UK, so their work can have a big impact on the landscape. Red Tractor standards include responsible farming methods, so when you’re buying Red Tractor food it means you’re playing a part too.

4. Food origin

‘Food miles’ are a real concern for shoppers. The flag in the Red Tractor logo guarantees the food’s origin. The Union Flag provides an independently verified guarantee that the food you’re buying has been farmed, processed and packed in the UK.

5. Rigorous standards

Our standards need to be meaningful and enforceable. That’s why over 78,000 farmers and 500 plus food packers and manufacturers working to Red Tractor standards are independently checked, verified and inspected.

6. Traceability

Because Red Tractor covers every step of the food production chain, we can trace all Red Tractor products right back to their farms of origin.

7. Independence and Integrity

Red Tractor Assurance (the body behind the Red Tractor logo), operates on a not-for-profit basis. Our independent chairman is supported by the most respected scientists, academics and industry professionals; such as vets, processors and animal welfare experts.

RSPCA Freedom Food

Freedom Food is the RSPCA’s farm assurance and food labelling scheme. It is the only UK farm assurance scheme to focus solely on improving the welfare of farm animals reared for food.
Whether it is an egg-laying hen, a salmon, or a sheep (or for that matter, any other animal covered by the scheme), we believe that animals reared for food deserve a happy, healthy life. This means providing them with an environment that meets their needs – needs not confined to space, food and water but psychological needs too. So providing a stimulating environment that enables the animals to exhibit their natural behaviour is very important.