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Kalen Pilkington

Kalen Pilkington

St. Albert, Canada

Sustainability Manager 
and Consultant

Details of experience:
Kalen integrate holistic sustainability into all of the events she plans, not only focusing on the environment, but also the social and economic aspects as well.

She believes in seeking out sustainable solutions through event planning and delivery at the community level that help contribute to a shared global responsibility.

She looks for unique and innovative ways to plan and deliver events that are enjoyable for guests and provide aspects of education about the host organizations and their commitment to sustainability.

She is specialized in designing sustainable events and marketing materials that focus on specific demographics from youth to seniors, and everyone in between.

Kaslen believes that for making a great event, it is important to have a comprehensive process that includes the incorporation of targets and indicators that are reported on in the post-event report. In addition to overall event targets,  she also includes social, environmental and economic indicators to measure the impact and sustainability of the event.

She is an out of the box thinker and like to be at the forefront of sustainable events.

Employing innovative event management techniques and infusing sustainability along the way makes my planning and execution process highly valuable and unique.

Her ultimate goal is to provide sustainable events to meet the clients expectations while making a positive impact environmentally, economically and socially. She wants the events she plans to help positively demonstrate the clients commitment to sustainability and help position them as good global citizens.

Some of the highlighted projects she has completed include:

  • Planned and executed the largest public engagement in St. Albert's history (7,000 people) which represents about 10% of our population. There were several events (approximately 15 to 20) smaller events planned and executed to gather the input and celebrate with the community (all done with a sustainability focus)
  • Large scale music festivals
  • Flash mob to increase awareness about water conservation
  • Zero Waste events
  • Behaviour change campaigns communicated through sustainability community events
  • Unique and creative public engagement events that spur community connection and conversation


  • Honours BA (Sociology, Geography - minor in Global Studies and Business)
  • Master of Environment and Sustainability - University of Western Ontario
  • Green Architecture - Algonquin College
  • Event Planning Certificate - Mount Royal University
  • Project Management Certificate - University of Western Ontario
  • Leadership Certificate - Grant MacEwan University
  • Public Engagement Certificate - IAP2

List of events and projects worked on:

I believe in seeking out sustainable solutions through event planning and delivery at the community level that help contribute to a shared global responsibility. I believe in infusing sustainability into the event from conception to closing. I do this through designing and executing:

  • Small meetings to large conferences that promote social responsibility, environmental protection while upholding economic accountability
  • Numerous Zero Waste Events
  • Large scale education campaign events
  • Large scale public engagement events that spur community connection and conversation
  • Diverse event typologies that are for targeted demographics
  • Corporate team building events
  • Change management initiatives and celebrations
  • Music festivals with sustainability initiatives
  • Community building programs and events that help increase local resiliency and empower the residents
  • Event branding and marketing materials to support holistic sustainability
  • Events for community development and planning
  • Unique events that stand out and get the cause or organization positive recognition
  • Events that incorporate sustainable elements that guests have the opportunity to learn about while in attendance

Examples of Kalen's Work:

Jesse Norsworthy

Jesse Norsworthy

Vancouver, Canada

Sustainability Manager and 
Event Producer

Details of experience:

Jesse's experience with event management and encouraging sustainability has been a growing process throughout the passed 10 years.

His wife and him started Girl On Wax Entertainment and wanted to focus on female DJ’s, musicians and performers to even the playing field and create equality in the work place.

This field of work is dominated by males and they are changing that.


Their company is now one of the leading events company in Vancouver. GirlOnWax has 15 female DJ's and many musicians and performers apart of the team. They are spreading across Canada and have done events internationally.

GirlOnWax Entertainment is also a paperless company with a very low consumption load. They do this by using their home as their office and have limited their vehicles to one work vehicle to do over 350 events a year.

GirlOnWax Events also supports local charities including The Union Gospel Mission, Vancouver Canucks Autism Network The Decoda Literacy Foundation, several animal charities and organizations.

In 2015 they were first runner up for best wedding entertainment company in B.C.

What inspires Jesse is solving problems and producing events and projects, as well as inspiring others around me to make there own sustainable choices. 

He has expanded his knowledge into energy management systems and he is working with corporate businesses in technology and agriculter to be sustainable in everyday business practice, as well as thinking of new innovative ways to lower there consumption, while saving money for the business.

Jesse is currently working on a few of his own projects in Solar and Agriculture.


  • Age of Sustainability - Columbia University - UN Ambassador, Professor Jeffery Sachs
  • Sustainability In Business Operations Program
  • Energy and Consumption Workshop
  • Solar and Renewable Energy Conferences

List of events and projects worked on:

  • Hudson's Bay Giving Day - GirlOnWax Entertainment
  • Click Gala - Vancouver Canucks Autism Network @ Danica Cafe, GirlOnWax Entertainment
  • Vintage Affair Fundraiser - GirlOnWax Entertainment
  • Emily Car Univercity - GirlOnWax Entertainment
  • Face The World Gala -GirlOnWax Entertainment
  • Sustainable Facility Alberta - Solar Farm - Green Houses - Organic Farming