ISO 20121:

Event Sustainability
Management Systems

About ISO 20121

The purpose of the ISO 20121 is to provide a framework to manage an event’s sustainability issues. Implementing the standard requires the establishment of processes and procedures, and documentation of them to ensure future streamlined implementation. Engagement with stakeholders and disclosure of performance is key.

Read the news story on the standard. Download the promotional document on ISO 20121. Buy a copy of the standard.

Claiming Conformity

Read about the various options for meeting and claiming conformity to the requirements of ISO 20121.

ISO 20121 Training

Learn how to implement the ISO 20121 event sustainability management system for your event, event management company or venue. Our self-paced online course will lead you step-by-step through the standard – not just focusing on how to comply with the standard's requirements, but opening up why the various elements are important.

Get Assessed

The Sustainable Event Alliance offers an independent assessment service of your ISO 20121 conformity. Assessment are undertaken by event sustainability experts.

Global Register

The SEA holds a Global Register of events and organisations that have implemented ISO 20121 and who have been independently assessed in conformity with the standard's requirements.

Further resources

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