Using the Membership Logo

Logo use is only permitted after by SEA member who meet our usage prerequisites.

Thanks for becoming a member of the SEA. 

We want you to proudly use the membership logo in association with your professional identity!

Below are the approved ways you can use the SEA membership logo in association with your professional identity, event or organisation.


Individuals may use the SEA member logo in association with their professional identity. (e.g. on email signatures).

Please do not use it to infer competency in event sustainability unless you have completed a competency assessment and in that case should use the accreditation badge.

Individual professionals providing 'green' event consulting or organising services must be an accredited SEA Event Sustainability Specialist before logos can be used or to be listed in our supplier database.

Sustainable Event Consultancies 

Companies and consultancies providing 'green' event consulting or organising services may only use the logo if you have an Event Sustainability Specialist or Expert within you team. Those accredited must be mentioned in your supplier database listing.

Event Sustainability Accreditation 

Those who have completed the requirements to be awarded  an Event Sustainability Practitioner or Specialist will be provided an accreditation symbol to use.


Events may use the SEA membership logo in association with your event providing you have signed the Membership Charter and, include the membership charter details on your website, including examples of your commitments, policies or programmes.

Event Producers

Event organisers and event production companies may only use the logo if you have an SEA Event Sustainability Practitioner or Specialist within your team. 

This can be a staff member, or through engaging an SEA Accredited Specialist as a coach or advisor

Event organisers and production companies should also submit your organisation for listing, before logo use is approved, to explain your sustainability capability and offer. Additionally you must nominate which staff member/s or advisors you have in the team to ensure your organisation's capabilities through this form.


Organisations such as NGOs, government events departments or others can join as members and use the membership logo to communicate your alignment with the SEA. 


Solutions suppliers who have provided the necessary information about your product and/or company's sustainability credentials may use the SEA member logo.

Suppliers should submit your organisation for listing, before logo use is approved.

The Sustainable Event Alliance is a professional guild for event sustainability practitioners, specialists and experts.

Our supplier and solutions databases help you fast track your event towards being clean, green, zero-waste, fair, friendly, and climate responsible.

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