Mak Tsan Lam 麥贊霖

Mak Tsan Lam (Matthew) is our Leadership Team member based in Hong Kong. Passionate about event sustainability, he has a boutique consultancy Earth Production aimed at helping events in Hong Kong to operate sustainably.
He has been interested in sustainable events since the 2012 London Olympics when it awoke in him that the event industry could be silently damaging the environment and society after every seemingly 'successful' event. It inspired him to take action without hesitation.
"Hong Kong is a vibrant and bustling city. While fans around the world are cheering at the Rugby Sevens in the stadium, local people celebrate the Lunar New Year with dancing dragons and lions on the street. I love Hong Kong is a city that is full of fun. And I believe that sustainable events management approach is one of the most important drivers for our society to become a sustainable city." says Matthew.
Matthew has been in the PR and event management industry for 10+ years and his next goal is implementing an ISO 20121 certified event in Hong Kong. He is currently taking sustainability-related courses on SDGAcademy.