Mak Tsan Lam, Matthew

Mak Tsan Lam (Matthew) 

Hong Kong


Matthew has been in PR and Event management for 10+ years, from a managerial level of an international PR agency to brand manager of a leading mobile phone, to becoming a founder of a local event production workshop.

He has come across different roles of all kinds of events. One of his biggest campaigns was the global launch of Samsung Galaxy S (1st gen).

Matthew has been interested in sustainable events since the 2012 London Olympic. It awoke him the event industry is silently damaging our environment and our society after every successful event; but it also inspired him to take action without hesitation.

Hong Kong is a vibrant and hustle city. While fans around the world are cheering at the Rugby Sevens in the stadium, local peoples celebrate the Lunar New Year with dancing dragons and lions on the street. He loves Hong Kong and says that it is a city that is full of fun.

Matthew believes that sustainable events management approach is one of the most important drivers for our society to become a sustainable city.


  • Cambridge University Institute for Sustainability Leadership
  • Sustainable Event Professional Certificate (co-issued by Event Industry Council and Sustainable Brands)
  • GRI Standard sustainability reporting

List of events and projects worked on:

  • The Next BMW Designer Competition 2016, 2017, 2018
  • Hitachi Asia Innovation Summit 2017 at HKSTP