Mark Rochford

I grew up on an organic farm and was raised with respect for nature and a deep understanding of environmental issues. An understanding and respect that I have advocated for throughout my career.

My first ever paid job was with the local paper recycler. At age 14.

Twenty four years later I started Frank Wild, an events agency with a dedication to sustainable design and production. Through previous years of music, corporate and commercial events I was able to identify major issues and cultivate a viable approach to addressing changes in policies and procedures that were necessary to develop a model for my own sustainable events agency.

I’m proud of the work we do in inspiring clients to commit to sustainability practices despite the challenges they may face along the way. Every client has a unique set of circumstances that requires particular attention, but we always approach each project from the same starting point – How do we help them make this more sustainable?

I always encourage and support my team at Frank Wild to speak up, contribute and collaborate with the intention of continuing to push the boundaries of sustainable design and production, and I see our company’s responsibility in the industry as one to encourage others to do the same.