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Thanks for signing the charter and joining the NYC chapter of the Sustainable Event Alliance

Thanks so much for signing the Sustainable Event Alliance membership charter, and confirming your commitment to uphold the principles for sustainable event management.
As an individual member, you can use the SEA logo. This can only be used as part of your professional identity (eg your email signature). You can't use the logo associated with the events you manage. They can only do that if they are event members.
As an individual event industry professional, you may also wish to consider undergoing our Accredited Professional programme - which recognises those with experience and skills in event sustainability. Have a look at it here:
If you're on Facebook, join our group 'Event Sustainability Wranglers Worldwide Chat'
Thanks again for signing the charter and we look forward to you being a new member of the SEA.
If you have any case studies to share or news of your event sustainability initiatives, we'd love to promote them through our website and social channels. We'll celebrate you're joining us with a special post and share some of your work.
Thanks again,
Michele Fox and Angie Nevarez
SEA Leadership Team - NYC Chapter
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