NoCO2 Certification

NoCO2 CertificationThe NoCO2 Certification program is a logo certification system run by the Carbon Reduction Institute that rewards and recognises businesses, products, and services, for addressing their carbon footprint.  NoCO2 Certification is achievable for all types and sizes of business, and guides them to measure, reduce, offset and communicate their climate change action.  It follows five simple steps:

  • Assess
  • Commit
  • Reduce
  • Monitor
  • Promote

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Sustainability Credentials:
CRI has over 150 active members, and completed over 800 audits since it commenced operation in 2006.  As part of implementation CRI pioneered a method of defining boundaries that is gaining traction all over the world. CRI’s methods of aligning financial reporting with carbon reporting has seen major corporate, government departments and even accountancy certification bodies like Certified Practicing Accounts (CPA) Australia whom CRI has done 4 annual audits for to date.