PCO Association SEA Membership

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Thanks for signing the PCO Association sustainability charter.

If you answered in your form that you wanted access to the SEA website resources, we will now set that up for you.
PCO member services have been notified of your signing of the charter.
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What does signing get you?

  • The Sustainability Charter, acts as a top-level sustainability checklist - so use that to guide your sustainable event management efforts!
  • Access to the supplier database, and we ask you to contribute to it growing by adding your own sustainable suppliers
  • Access to the other resources and how-to guides on the SEA website.
  • Discounted (membership) price on ISO 20121 training.

Membership Logo Permission

Membership includes authorisation to display the SEA Member logo in association with your personal professional communications (emails, business cards, letters etc).
Access the membership logos here.
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What does joining the SEA get you?
If  you sign up as a member (AUD$75) of the SEA, then...

  • Use the SEA logo in association with your event, which demonstrates your commitment to sustainable event management.
  • All members are expected to produce one case study a year to showcase their sustainability efforts, learnings and achievements.
  • Test and be recognised for your sustainable event competency, by submitting for the SEA Accredited Professional.
  • Join the Facebook Group 'Event Sustainability Wranglers Worldwide Chat' to interact casually with others working in this field.

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