PEFC labels


The PEFC labels assist businesses, consumers, forest owners and managers, and other stakeholders to identify and promote merchandise and goods from forests that are managed sustainably.
Demand for PEFC certification has increased incrementally in recent years, an increase matched by growing awareness of the potential role of forests in tackling societal challenges such as climate change. Today, the importance of certification resonates with the public at large.
Presently, PEFC is the world's largest certification organization representing over 230 million hectares of certified forests – an area equivalent to the size of the whole of Mexico, or equal to the size of France, Germany, Italy and the UK combined.
Using the logo and label enables certified companies and forest owners to:

  • demonstrate their  commitment to sustainable development and corporate social responsibility
  • attract environmentally and socially-minded customers and consumers
  • help generate awareness and demand for products from PEFC-certified forests
  • highlight their engagement with sustainable forest management
Use the PEFC directory to find certified timber products: