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Sustainable Event Management

Re-set hackathon

Sustainable Event Management

Re-set hackathon

Event Industry Re-set

Come together for a therapeutic re-imagining of events

Global + Online
Wednesday 15 April 2020

We can't yet accurately forecast how communities, economies, and systems will respond and recover as we make our way through the Covid-19 global crisis.

While we are in the midst of this, it's hard to see clearly what our industry could look like next. We know your events are cancelled, you're in lock-down and you are worried about family and friends. Please keep safe and healthy, and above all, positive. 

During this pivotal moment, we invite people from throughout our industry to come together for supportive and therapeutic sessions to discuss and imagine what the future for events could be.

Calling all thinkers and doers

During this two-hour hack-a-thon you will meet with people from around the world and across the events industry and all its colourful sectors to re-imagine the next six months, the next two years and beyond. 

We will host parallel two-hour video calls with each curated team. They will then record a message of positivity and imaginings for everyone to view.

We will choose six team leaders to come together for an additional webinar in the following weeks, open for all to view.

Session 1 - limited spots left!
Wed 15 April, 2020

EU/Australia friendly time: 

Auckland 10:00 pm / Sydney 8:00 pm / Perth 6:00 pm / Delhi 3:30 pm / Dubai 2:00 pm / Madrid 12:00 noon / London 11:00 am  / New York 6:00 am / Denver 4:00 am / Los Angeles 3:00 am


Session 2 - spaces available
Wed 15 / Thurs 16 April, 2020

North America/Australia friendly time: 

Wed 15th: New York  6:00 pm / Denver 4:00 pm / Los Angeles 3:00 pm / London 11:00 pm

Thurs 16th: Auckland 10:00 am / Sydney 8:00 am

Thurs 16th: Perth 6:00 am / Delhi 3:30 am / Dubai 2:00 am / Madrid 12:00 midnight


What will be discussed?

This meeting will be to reimagine the event sector for the rest of 2020 and beyond.

Will there be events at all? Will events be allowed and in what format? How long  might we have to do social distancing and what does that look like at an event? What does this mean for food and beverage health and safety and service, accessibility, safety, logistics, crowd control?

Let's discuss the role of events in rebuilding community. Might we all end up being distrustful of each other or might we come out stronger as we all went through this together? What does that mean for the spirit of events?

What does the short term job prospect look like? What are our transferable skills and how could they be deployed in the next six months?

As cities start to awake and new ways of doing business are devised, how can we structure event processes to be more sustainable and get policies in that will be beneficial?  

What flow-on benefits could we see to environmental impacts and resource conservation because of this lock down. What does this mean for 'sustainable events' moving ahead?

Is this going to be a nightmare and single-use is the new norm because of fear of contamination? How will we deal with that?

What solutions needs to be innovated and where are the opportunities for us working in this sector, either for events or transferable to other needs?

Taking a time-out

While we are on this time-out, our natural world is taking a breather too. 

The slow-down is releasing the pressures of resource use, consumption and pollution and revealing what the results of a permanent sustainable re-set could look like.

Time will reveal how we might react as a society and an industry to this pivot moment. But one thing's for sure, events from now on will need to consider planetary health for all.

Let's get together, discuss a positive future, and envision an event industry that is good for all.

How can you participate?

  1. Save your spot by filling out the form. 
  2. If you have agreed, we will add you to the slack group so you can get chatting with everyone that has an interest.
  3. We will curate each team based on interests, background and timezone.
  4. We will announce the teams and set up a channel for your team so you can get chatting too!
  5. We will send you out links for the zoom-room for the hack-a-thon team you have been assigned.
  6. Attend the hack-a-thon at the prescribed time. 
  7. The team leader will arrange to record the outcome of your session and we will post these for all to view.
  8. We ask a representative from six teams to present their ideas or forecasts at another (date to be announced) webinar for all to view. 

What more can you do?

If you know of any futurists, economists, business forecasters, psychologists, therapists, career coaches, or others that can participate in each group, please encourage them to sign up too.

If you have any special non-event skills that will be useful in the hack-a-thon, please also list them in the form!

Who's organising this?

The Sustainable Event Alliance and Institute for Sustainable Events has put a call out to the industry to our existing partners and members to help run this! These and an ever-growing list will be your hosts and facilitators.


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